Persons of Peace

A person of peace can introduce the Gospel to an entire group of people. We want to always be on the lookout for a person of peace!

Let’s look at how Jesus found a person of peace:

The Samaritan Woman

  • Read John 4:1-42
  • Answer the following questions as a group:
    • What happened in this story?
    • How did Jesus approach this woman and appeal to her spiritually?
    • What do you think was the point in the story where the woman became a person of peace? What did she do?
    • What did Jesus teach his disciples after they returned?
    • What was the result of the woman’s testimony? What happened?
    • Looking back in this story, what were the characteristics or actions of this woman that made her a particularly good candidate to be a person of peace for this town?

How to Find a Person of Peace

Zume Training offers a good lesson on finding and identifying a person of peace. Let’s read the page, watch the video, and answer the questions together:

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