Creating New 3/3rds Group Lessons

You will likely find that you need to create new lessons on topics where we have not previously created scripture sets that you can use. We want you to have experience in creating lessons using the 3/3rds Group format in new topics.

Experience is probably the best teacher in preparing new 3/3rds Group lessons. Here are the steps that you need to complete:

  • Break up into groups of 2 people apiece
  • Select one of the following topics:
    • The grace of God
    • Dependency on God
    • Jesus’s identity
    • The fulfillment of prophecy in Jesus
    • The heart and attitude of a Christian about money
  • Create 5 lessons on your topic
    • Use the standard 3/3rds Group format, its standard questions, and the Bible to create your lesson
    • Identify the top 1-2 points that you want those who are studying the lesson.
    • Include a small number of open-ended questions in each lesson to ensure that those you are studying with understand the main points.
    • Consider whether or not there is a point of obedience that you want people to arrive at or whether you will allow them to find their own point of obedience. If a specific point, how can you guide the group toward that point?
    • Narrative stories in the Bible are, at times, easier to relate to than theological scriptures, but you can use the whole Bible to create your lessons.
    • Write out each of your five lessons to present to the other groups.
  • Bring the lessons back to the larger group to present.