Training someone else

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

2 Timothy 2:2

The fruit of an apple tree is an apple, and the purpose of that apple is to make more apple trees. In the same way, a disciple-maker should produce fruit that will lead to more disciple-makers. We should make disciples that make disciples!

Do this now

  1. Pray and ask God to give you at least one person that you can teach and train what you have learned in these Gospel Conversations courses.
  2. Don’t just send them the training. Instead, take the time to teach them each of the steps that you have learned in this training.
  3. Ask them to get started with you, making a commitment to share with others and make disciples in the same way as you.

Now you are multiplying disciples!