Spiritual Maturity and Faithfulness

Jesus said that if we love him, we will obey his commands. Pay close attention because Jesus didn’t say that we would learn his commands. He said we would obey them.

Often, we hear people talk about teaching the “meat” of the Word of God and not just the “milk”. We agree that we desire to see spiritual maturity, and in the Bible we see that even the apostle Paul spoke about this in 1 Corinthians chapter 3.

As we are making disciples of Jesus, we want to be clear about when it is time to move from “milk” to “meat”. We believe that we must first obey and do the basic things that he said to do, not simply know them. Then we know that we are seeing spiritual maturity and this person is ready to digest the “meatier” teachings from the Word of God, learning to put those things into practice just like the “milk” teachings.

As you are leading a 3/3rds Group, you will see that we always ask about how we can obey and put into practice what we learned, and how we can share it. If our new disciples are doing these things, we have found a good indicator of spiritual maturity.

Zume Training has a great video that explains this concept very well. Make sure to watch the video on their website to understand this concept.


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