Green Light Lessons

If you have shared your Testimony or the Gospel and have determined that this person is a “Green Light”, or someone who says that they believe and want to follow Jesus, you can begin to meet together with them to learn to do exactly that. Search Party uses 6 initial lessons to teach the foundations of our faith, based on commands that Jesus gave to his disciples, and therefore also to each of us:

  • Repent and Believe
  • Baptism
  • Love
  • Make Disciples
  • Prayer
  • The Lord’s Supper

The goal of these lessons is two-fold:

  1. Teach the new believer basic foundations of following Jesus and give them practical things to do.
  2. Begin to provide a vision for becoming part of a church community, or possibly starting a new church.

Green Light Lessons

Similar to the Yellow Light studies, the Green Light lessons use a process called a 3/3rds Group. You will learn more about leading 3/3rds Groups in the next lesson.


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